CPS Worker 010214 - Sutton, Marshall O.

CPS Worker 010214 - Sutton, Marshall O.

Birth year: 1918

Denomination: Friend

Original occupation: Teacher

Drafted from: Poughkeepsie , New York, United States

Entered CPS: 11 8, 1941

Left CPS: 12 11, 1945


As Assistant Director of camp #119, Sutton wrote to J. Huston Westover shortly after his arrival regarding his first impressions of the camp (see "Letter from Marshall Sutton to J. Huston Westover, August 1943" as listed under "Other Materials").


In another letter to Westover written on October 26, 1943, Sutton also reported on a trip with Dr. Jones to the State Teachers’ College to use the library facilities:


"Soon we will have a very complete library here at New Lisbon . . . .  Miss Rogers, the head librarian at the State Library seemed quite concerned about the Conference on Conscription at Pendle Hill.  She said that she had heard over the radio that pacifists wanted to stop farmers from raising food for the army and civilians and that there was a group of pacifists called Mennonites that wanted to raise food but only for themselves. . . . After she helped me find some of the books I wanted she suggested that I read 'The Peace We Fight For.'"


--Taken from Mss. Report “Survey of New Lisbon – Project and Unit, CPS #92,” Oct. 26, 1943. Swarthmore College Peace Collection, American Friends Service Committee: Civilian Public Service Records (DG002), Section 1, Box 42b as compiled by Anne Yoder, Archivist.