Reflections from Daryl Wenger

Reflections from Daryl Wenger

Daryl Wenger participated in 2 human guinea pig experiments which he describes below:


"I...transferred to CPS Camp 140, Pinehurst, NC, a 'guinea pig' science project doing research on atypical pneumonia. This experiment involved spraying sputum from affected patients into the COs throats and then observing the results. This unit was under Mennonite supervision.

I remained at Pinehurst about six months and then transferred to another science research unit, CPS Camp 34, supervised by the American Friends Service Committee. This project was located at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

In this experiment we drank filtered raw sewage for a jaundice project. Both experiments were supervised by doctors who were working for the U.S. Surgeon General's office."


--Taken from "Detour...Main Highway": Our CPS Stories. Goshen, IN: College Mennonite Church, 1995. Pp 64-5.