Workers with Notes

Total number of workers found: 832

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City Statesort ascending Country
Coffin Joseph H. 1919 Friend Whittier California United States
Snell Arthur 1920 Brethren LaVerne California United States
Fletcher Ray 1918 Brethren Ventura California United States
Hensel Glenn 1922 Brethren in Christ Mennonite Upland California United States
Nomland Kemper 1919 None Las Angeles California United States
Tolmachoff* Leo W. 1927 Russian Molokan Glendale Arizona United States
Bishop Corbett 1906 Church of Christ Hamilton Alabama United States
Swope George S. 1922 Baptist Bessemer Alabama United States
Jones* David D. Mennonite not in book United States
Westover J. Huston 1916 Baptist Latrobe United States
Santiago Felix R. None Banes Oriente Cuba
Miller* Paul Unknown * United States
Gunden Cleland C. 1919 Mennonite Old Goshen United States
Blosser David*
Decker* Joseph D. Unknown
Klaasen* Arnold D.
Bontrager* Moses B.
Martin* J. Paul Unknown
Koehn* Willis Mennonite Church of God in Christ
McMahan* William A. Unknown
Hurt* Harold Unknown
Johnson Paul B. Friend
Tochim* Daniel Unknown
Schultz* Wendell Norris
Hostetler Daniel K* Unknown
Miller* Alvin J. Unknown
Handrich John L.* Unknown
Gansinger Leonard Devin* Unknown
Paul* Milford
Hess Edward S.* Unknown
Schmidt* Menno A.
Hofer* Mike Unknown
Schroeder* Conrad H. 1920 Lutheran
Wilson* Francis Ridding Unknown
Marsh* John Howard Unknown
Zetty* Edward Unknown
Walker* Douglas K. Unknown
Sower* Edson Brethren
Wall* Gaylord Unknown
Steiner* James A. 1908 Mennonite
Miller* Jonas N. Unknown
Held Wilbur* Unknown
Schlabach* Paul S.
Hodgson Marshall* Unknown
Plicher* Orrville Unknown
Holdeman Floyd* Unknown
Grater Edgar Unknown
Wood* William
Bliss* Samuel Blake