CPS Worker 005829 - Langford, R. Victor

CPS Worker 005829 - Langford, R. Victor

Birth year: 1914

Denomination: Presbyterian

Original occupation: Student

Drafted from: San Marino , California, United States

Entered CPS: 3 24, 1942

Left CPS: 1 23, 1946


In the April 1945 issue of The Viewpoint, the unit publication for camp #51, Langford described the primary goals of the Pacifist Information Center as follows: 1) the development of unity so that the “full impact of the pacifist movement can be brought to bear on the public in those areas and at those times when public opinion is most receptive”; and 2) “acquainting the public with pacifist principles, methods, and accomplishments by…effective means of information and education”.  


--Taken from Leslie Eisan, Pathways of Peace: A History of the Civilian Public Service Program Administered by the Brethren Service Committee.  Elgin, IL:  Brethren Publishing House, 1948. p231.