CPS Worker 011192 - Westover, J. Huston

CPS Worker 011192 - Westover, J. Huston

Birth year: 1916

Denomination: Baptist

Education: Medical school

Original occupation: Banker

Occupation after CPS: Physician

Drafted from: Latrobe , United States

Entered CPS: 3 26, 1942

Left CPS: 1 23, 1946


In order to prepare for the opening of camp #119, Westover met with Dr. C.T. Jones, Superintendent of the Training School Colony, and George Tovey, assigned to the unit on detached service as a psychologist. According to Westover, they talked over "a few indications that some employees might be getting on their high horses about the introduction of so sizeable a group of CPS men. . .and Dr. Jones is taking all possible steps to forestall any difficulty.  He feels there will be no major troubles of any sort, and I am inclined to agree with him, if our men do their job well. . . . George Tovey explained to me some details on the set-up of the institution:  Dr. Jones rules with a strong hand and therefore is consistently at odds with some of his subordinates.  We must be very careful that none of our men through contact with the subordinates, follow their lead in this respect.”  (Westover August 27, 1943)


In a visit a month later, Westover found the fifteen men “at work on various jobs at the institution, quite well adjusted to their work, and having been introduced . . .’without a ripple’. . . . Men have been placed on their individual assignments very carefully by Dr. Jones, always on a trial basis at first so if a man did not fit well he could be moved to something else. . ..  The men are doing everything from giving intelligence tests to cleaning out the chicken coops.  They have entered on the entire project with very commendable zeal. . . .” (Westover, September 29, 1943)


--Taken from Memo from J. Huston Westover, August 27, 1943. Swarthmore College Peace Collection, American Friends Service Committee: Civilian Public Service Records (DG002) Section 1, Box 42b, as compiled by Anne Yoder, archivist // Reports of visits to State Colony by J. Huston Westover, September 29, 1943 and March 1, 1944. Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Center on Conscience and War Records  (DG025) Section 1, Service C1, Box 135, as compiled by Anne Yoder, archivist.


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