CPS Worker 004452 - Hogle, George H.

CPS Worker 004452 - Hogle, George H.

Birth year: 1915

Denomination: Episcopal

Original occupation: Stock broker

Drafted from: Salt Lake City , Utah, United States

Entered CPS: 8 6, 1942

Left CPS: 3 27, 1946


Hogle wrote the following regarding his time in CPS:


“The CPS has been a great experience.  It opened up new vistas of religion which were unexplored territory for me...and I realize only too well the importance of having spiritual companionship and an environment where the world cannot press in so hard on all sides.”


--Taken from Calumet, a publication of camp #108. In Kevin Grange, “In Good Conscience”,  National Parks 85 (Winter 2011): 26-32.