CPS Worker 003646 - Greenleaf, Floyd I.

CPS Worker 003646 - Greenleaf, Floyd I.

Birth year: 1919

Original occupation: Teacher

Drafted from: Syracuse , New York, United States

Entered CPS: 2 11, 1943

Left CPS: 5 7, 1946


Greenleaf shared the following observations regarding camp #83:


“The hospital has provided an excellent series of lectures and demonstrations, which, so far have been of great service to most of us in our work.  It is interesting to note that the hospital has not offered these classes to other attendants not in C.P.S.  Similar classes are planned for the wives of C.P.S. men and there is also a plan afoot for advanced studies in related subjects.”


“...An eccentric bus...wanders back and forth between the hospital and the town [Warren, PA]. There are some good stores in the town and you are usually able to fulfill most of your needs provided the war hasn’t eliminated the supply (we spent three hours one day looking for a can opener)."


Greenleaf also noted that as soon as a patient was able to work, the superintendent considered the type of experience in which he or she could likely be successful.  "Some of the patients work on our many farms, others care for the grounds, work in the laundry, printing room, sewing room etc."



--Taken from “One Man’s Opinion on the C.P.S. Unit at Warren State Hospital”, by Floyd Greenleaf, ca. 1944, in information compiled by Anne M. Yoder, Archivist, April 2011 from Swarthmore College Peace Collection, American Friends Service Committee: Civilian Public Service Records (DG002), Section 1: CPS Administration, Box 57d, folder “Warren State Hospital (Unit # 83: Steering & Planning Committees – meeting minutes, 1944 (Feb. 4) – 1945 (July 25)”.