Workers with Notes

Total number of workers found: 832

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort descending
Rhodes William J. 1926 Mennonite Dayton Virginia United States
Zimmerman Hugo J. Mennonite Onawa Iowa United States
Rieman Dwight W. 1918 Brethren Berlin Pennsylvania United States
Zook Oscar L. 1912 Mennonite Old Kalona Iowa United States
Moore Lawrence B. 1920 none Wichita Kansas United States
Robinson George H. 1920 Baptist Cape May Court House, New Jersey United States
Moyer* J. Harold 1927 Mennonite General Conference Newton Kansas United States
Rohrer Emory J. 1918 Mennonite Old Order Dayton Virginia United States
Myers James 1915 Friend Kansas City Missouri United States
Nachtigal Richard E. 1921 Mennonite General Conference Inman Kansas United States
Wiens Elmer P. 1913 Mennonite Inman Kansas United States
Rudd Ralph 1915 Baptist New Haven Connecticut United States
Nebel Gerald R. 1925 Mennonite Old Wayland Iowa United States
Wilcher Jackson L. Church of God Mason Georgia United States
Ruth Paul L. 1920 Mennonite Old Chalfont Pennsylvania United States
Nelson Wallace F. 1909 Methodist St. Paul Minnesota United States
Willey Walter 1925 Methodist New York New York United States
Sanders Donald G. 1919 Congregational Christian Sherrill New York United States
Winker James B. 1920 Methodist Portland Oregon United States
Nilsson Veryl E. 1911 Congregational Christian Minneapolis Minnesota United States
Wiser Arthur D. 1920 None Gowanda New York United States
Sauder Paul N. 1912 Mennonite New Holland Pennsylvania United States
Olson Karl E. 1918 Congregational Christian Grand Rapids Michigan United States
Scherer John C. 1920 Episcopal Ozone Park LI New York United States
Palmer Edwin L. 1906 Friend Primos Pennsylvania United States
Wyse Marlin S 1921 Mennonite Old Mt. Pleasand Iowa United States
Peckham E. Kellogg 1917 Friend East Millsboro Pennsylvania United States
Yarrow Don 1905 None Baton Rouge Louisiana United States
Schrag Clarence 1911 Mennonite General Conference McPherson Kansas United States
Penner Benjamin F. 1920 Mennonite General Conference Newton Kansas United States
Yoder Cletus 1924 Mennonite Old Order Amish Hicksville Ohio United States
Schrock Ervin R. 1915 Mennonite Conservative Kalona Iowa United States
Peters Henry W. 1915 Mennonite General Conference Wichita Kansas United States
Yoder Floyd F. 1920 Mennonite Kalona Iowa United States
Phifer Gregg 1918 Methodist Nashville Tennessee United States
Yoder Monroe L. 1922 Mennonite Old Order Amish Sugarcreek Ohio United States
Schultz Vernon A. 1920 Mennonite Old Protection Kansas United States
Plummer III William 1919 Friend Radnor Pennsylvania United States
Yoder Paul A. 1918 Mennonite Old Order Amish Millersburg Ohio United States
Miller Harry Edward 1916 Brethren Danville Virginia United States
Dickey John B. 1918 Brethren N. Manchester Indiana United States
Bowman Silas S. 1917 Mennonite Old Terre Hill Pennsylvania United States
Diener Willard A. 1925 Mennonite Old Hutchinson Kansas United States
Breneman George M. 1922 Mennonite General Conference Dalton Ohio United States
Dodds Robert C. 1918 Presbyterian Montclair New Jersey United States
Brooks Arle 1909 Disciples of Christ Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Downs Warren F 1925 Methodist Salem Oregon United States
Brown Wayne E. 1920 Methodist Ft Wayne Indiana United States
Eaton Glen W. 1917 Brethren Harrisonburg Virginia United States
Brunk M. Franklin 1922 Mennonite Old Hyattsville Maryland United States