Workers with Notes

Total number of workers found: 832

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination Citysort descending State Country
Holden Harold H. 1925 Baptist West Palm Beach Florida United States
Cassels James J. 1916 None Western Springs Illinois United States
Sinden William E. 1911 Congregational Christian Western Springs, Illinois United States
Price Robert L. 1923 Brethren Wheatfield Indiana United States
Coffin Joseph H. 1919 Friend Whittier California United States
Chance Homer R. 1920 Friend Wichita Kansas United States
Andrew Kenneth L. 1919 Methodist Wichita Kansas United States
Hartzler Elmer E. 1916 Mennonite Wichita Kansas United States
Peters Henry W. 1915 Mennonite General Conference Wichita Kansas United States
Moore Lawrence B. 1920 none Wichita Kansas United States
Beals David E. 1925 Friend Wichita Kansas United States
Michener William Ralph 1922 Friend Wichita Kansas United States
Martinson Donald C. 1922 Presbyterian Wichita Kansas United States
Loveland George 1910 Presbyterian Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania United States
Lowe Waldron H. 1925 Disciples of Christ Wilkinsburg Pennsylvania United States
Long W. Raymond 1916 Brethren Williamsport Maryland United States
Kirk* Thomas Garrett 1916 Friend Willistown, Pennsylvania United States
Stephenson Edwin P. 1918 Friend Wilson North Carolina United States
Rumsey Robert J. 1918 Methodist Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin United States
Delagrange Lewis 1921 Mennonite Conservative Woodburn Indiana United States
Roth Oscar E. 1924 Mennonite Old Woodburn Oregon United States
Stethers Howard 1918 Methodist Woodbury New Jersey United States
Smucker John E. 1918 Presbyterian Wooster Ohio United States
Corfman Rex M. 1915 United Brethren Wooster Ohio United States
Zook Alfred G. 1919 Mennonite Old Wooster Ohio United States
Robinson James R. 1918 Catholic Wyoming New York United States
Satterthwaite William 1918 Friend Yardley Pennsylvania United States
Hollister Barrett 1914 Friend Yellow Springs Ohio United States
Dole Arthur A. 1917 None Yellow Springs Ohio United States
Eichelberger John A. 1919 Brethren York Pennsylvania United States
Lehman Ira R. 1912 Brethren York Pennsylvania United States
Garver Kenneth K. 1919 Brethren Youngstown Ohio United States