CPS Worker 006213 - Loveland, George

CPS Worker 006213 - Loveland, George

Birth year: 1910

Denomination: Presbyterian

Original occupation: Lawyer

Drafted from: Wilkes-Barre , Pennsylvania, United States

Entered CPS: 7 21, 1942

Left CPS: 11 7, 1945


Loveland wrote an an article for The Reporter in which he described camp #119 as follows:


“With but one exception, all of the New Lisbon unit are former [Camp/unit] 101 men.  To facilitate further study the Superintendent has assigned each man to half day assignments to allow work in language study in French or German, area study reports, [and] relief problems.  The AFSC has sent down a number of excellent speakers on relief work.  Studies relating to the work of the Colony are ongoing too . . .  All of these studies go on in addition to the 50-70 hour work week.”


--Taken from Mss. Article for The Reporter by George Loveland, undated.  Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Center on Conscience and War Records (DG025), Section 1, Series C1,  Box 135,as compiled by Anne Yoder, Archivist.