CPS Worker 009665 - Smucker, Arthur Allan

CPS Worker 009665 - Smucker, Arthur Allan

Birth year: 1923

Denomination: Mennonite Old

Education: MS, PhD Univ. IL BioChemistry

Original occupation: Student

Occupation after CPS: Chemistry & computer professor

Drafted from: Goshen , Indiana, United States

Entered CPS: 6 8, 1943

Left CPS: 6 12, 1946


Arthur Smucker worked at the Poughkeepsie State Mental Hospital where abuse against patients was uncovered by the COs:

"The significant result of the Poughkeepsie project was the exposure of inmate mistreatment by attendants. Several of us reported such incidents. As a result three non-CO attendants were fired. Several were military veterans and their cause was taken up by the local American Legion and others. Hostility against the COs at the hospital increased which brought on a public hearing which made the pages of TIME magazine. The event was a contribution to formation of the Mennonite mental health program."

From "Detour...Main Highway": Our CPS Stories. Goshen, IN: College Mennonite Church, 1995. Pp 55-7.


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