CPS Worker 008852 - Sanderson, Ross W.

CPS Worker 008852 - Sanderson, Ross W.

Birth year: 1917

Denomination: Congregational Christian

Original occupation: Student

Drafted from: Reading , Pennsylvania, United States

Entered CPS: 1 21, 1942

Left CPS: 1 10, 1946


The COs at New Hampshire State Hospital actively campaigned for higher salaries and improved working conditions for the regular employees.  On October 15, 1945, The Daily Monitor and New Hampshire Patriot, under a banner headline “Conscientious Objectors Ask State Hospital for 100% Pay Boost and 40-Hour Week”, reported on demands submitted to Superintendent Dr. Charles H. Dollof.


Sanderson, the unit's assistant director, wrote a letter to the editor in turn to clarify that complaints about low salaries and working conditions had existed well before the arrival of the COs.  It was CO leadership that finally articulated the need for more equitable working conditions for employees.  His letter also made clear that COs pay (which was a small monthly allowance only) and benefits were governed by Selective Service policies.  (Sareyan p. 124)