CPS Worker 005657 - Krause, Arnold L.

CPS Worker 005657 - Krause, Arnold L.

Birth year: 1914

Denomination: Mennonite

Original occupation: Teacher

Drafted from: Perrytown , Texas, United States

Entered CPS: 2 9, 1943

Left CPS: 5 11, 1946


Krause led the unit at camp #92 in preparing Forgotten Children, which became the first educational pamphlet published by the Mental Hygiene Program of the CPS. The following is the concluding paragraph of the finished work:


"Though the American people have been called the greatest philanthropists in the world and the best informed of all people, this generosity and understanding somehow hasn’t extended to their feebleminded children.  Too often they have been 'forgotten children.'  When they have been remembered at all, it has too often been for the wrongs they do with no consideration of the wrongs done to them.  Their greatest handicap is not their low mentality, but the public’s lack of sympathy and understanding.  Painstaking research over the past 100 years has found the key that can unlock the door to their welfare and happiness.  Will we lose the opportunity?  Or will we remember these 'forgotten children?'"