CPS Worker 003473 - Goering, Paul L.

CPS Worker 003473 - Goering, Paul L.

Birth year: 1922

Denomination: Mennonite General Conference

Original occupation: Business Student

Drafted from: Moundridge , Kansas, United States

Entered CPS: 6 15, 1943

Left CPS: 6 17, 1946


Goering, reflecting later on his experiences at Cleveland State Hospital, reported poor conditions including incontinent patients, a lack of cleanliness, and the presence of cockroaches.  He further wrote, “...the boredom and feeling of oppression and depression was very overwhelming.  You’d have to struggle as a worker not to succumb to all of this yourself”. 


--Taken from an interview with K. Goering December 26, 1975. As reported in Steven J. Taylor, Acts of Conscience: World War II, Mental Institutions, and Religious Objectors. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2009. p206.