CPS Worker 001349 - Burrowes, John H.

CPS Worker 001349 - Burrowes, John H.

Birth year: 1918

Denomination: Friend

Original occupation: Vol. Social worker

Drafted from: Englewood , New Jersey, United States

Entered CPS: 5 15, 1941

Left CPS: 11 15, 1945


In reflecting back on his years in camp #84, Burrowes described both the difficulty of the work and also the significant role played by the wives in the unit: "They often had more influence on policy than we did.  I can think of several wives who were very important in the morale and general management of the group.  Without them, we would not have succeeded very well because we were working a long-enough week so that we had very little energy left over." He went on to add that he felt “these women were often the clearest minds concerned with the work we were doing." Burrowes and his wife, along with Bob Carey, “started a cooperative house in Concord which was particularly useful to those wives who became pregnant and were able to work at the time."


Burrowes also described the central purpose of the unit's work as “adding both intelligence and sane balance to a world that was often out of proportion."


--Taken from Alex Sareyan, The Turning Point: How Persons of Conscience Brought About Major Change in the Care of America’s Mentally Ill. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 1994. p91.