“Ypsilanti—A Modern Institution”

“Ypsilanti—A Modern Institution”

Excerpts from “Ypsilanti—A Modern Institution,” by Karl Schultz.

“…In therapeutic approach, the policies of the institution are advanced. Violence, as contrasted with necessary restraint, is not permitted in dealing with the patients. Attendants are instructed to treat patients as human beings deserve to be treated.”

“…C.P.S. men here have been assigned to ward, farm, grounds and office work. There seems to have been a special attempt made to give men work for which they are most fitted. Nearly all the men have a feeling that they are doing something worthwhile and that their services are being appreciated. The ‘non-violent’ approach is, of course, a ‘natural’ in a situation of this kind. Although ‘restraint’ must be employed at times, the validity of a non-violent method has long been recognized by psychiatrists and sincerely appreciated by patients.”

“...It cannot be over emphasized that the understanding Dr. Yoder, Superintendent of the Hospital, has of the Mennonite background has made a tremendous difference. A particular tribute should be paid Dr. Yoder and his associates who are doing everything in their power to make the stay of the C.P.S unit a constructive and pleasant one.”


--Taken from Mennonite Central Committee Bulletin. Vol. 1, No. 19. June 22, 1943. In "Publications, MCC Bulletin, later CPS Bulletin. Vol. 1-6, 1942-1947," folder 6/12, series IX-13-1. MCC Records Collection, Akron, PA.