Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort descending
Spicher Jesse D. 1912 Mennonite Old Order Amish Belleville Pennsylvania United States
Rexrode George W. 1925 Brethren Stanley Virginia United States
Kaufmann Robert K. 1918 Wesleyan Methodist Orrville Ohio United States
Lovell Timothy E. 1918 Jehovah's Witness Gresham Oregon United States
Squillacote Charles E. 1920 Catholic New Britain Connecticut United States
Gay Walter H. 1926 None Atlanta Georgia United States
Pankratz Ernest 1917 Mennonite General Conference Partridge Kansas United States
Dean Bruce Leroy 1920 Disciples of Christ Alhambra California United States
Andre' L. Aumund 1916 Lutheran Chicago Illinois United States
Short Harold J. 1918 Mennonite Archbold Ohio United States
Detweiler Arthur D. 1912 Brethren South Bend Indiana United States
Nazaroff Morris J. 1921 Russian Molokan Kerman California United States
King Emerson L. 1925 Essenes Chicago Illinois United States
Varenhorst Arthur R. 1905 Jehovah's Witness Mitchell South Dakota United States
Rutledge Carl E. 1919 Brethren Ft. Wayne Indiana United States
Slabaugh David H. 1912 Mennonite Old Topeka Indiana United States
Rife E. Lowell 1918 Brethren New Madison Ohio United States
Kent Johnnie C. 1921 Gospel Chapel Mitchell Georgia United States
Miller Benjamin B. 1921 Mennonite Old Order Amish Sugardreek Ohio United States
Stauffer Ezra 1920 Mennonite Ephrata Pennsylvania United States
Geyer Wade C. 1919 Brethren Nappanee Indiana United States
Pearson Ernest W. 1919 Baptist Inglewood California United States
Aupperle Marvin E. 1918 Missionary Church Association Detroit Michigan United States
Horst William G. 1922 Mennonite Old Chambersburg Pennsylvania United States
Diller Kenneth A. 1919 Mennonite General Conference Bluffton Ohio United States
Klassen Herbert J. 1922 Mennonite Bluffton Ohio United States
Wedel Waldo 1920 Mennonite Hillsboro Kansas United States
Wagler Andrew J. 1919 Mennonite Old Order Amish Loogootee Indiana United States
Smith Norman O. 1919 Methodist Portland Oregon United States
Jobst Hugo A. 1913 Jehovah's Witness Waseca Minnesota United States
Miller Ezra Y. 1919 Mennonite Amish Millersburg Ohio United States
Sokoloff Jim W. 1922 Russian Molokan Bell California United States
Little Jesse F. 1920 Church of God Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Howard John P. 1913 Unitarian Cleveland Ohio United States
Dakin Eugene L. 1911 Baptist Brooklyn New York United States
Wenger Mark R. 1921 Mennonite Old Harrisonburg Virginia United States
Shenk Clarence 1926 Mennonite Old Lancaster Pennsylvania United States
Murray Wilfred P. 1913 Church of God of Abrahamic Faith Mulberry Kansas United States
Haworth M. Verne 1919 Friend Cedar Rapids Iowa United States
Johnson Walter E. 1920 Jehovah's Witness Schenectady New York United States
Roth Sterling L. 1927 Mennonite Old Albany Oregon United States
Spink Louis V. 1922 Jehovah's Witness Keno Oregon United States
Reynolds Gaylon P. 1924 Pentecostal Casey Illinois United States
Kautz Reynold J. 1921 Methodist West Hartford Connecticut United States
Loviett Cas L. 1912 Pleasant View Kentucky United States
St. Luise Christopher 1912 None Chelan Washington United States
Geffe Phillip R. None Pasadena California United States
Pannabecker Richard F. 1922 Mennonite General Conference Bluffton Ohio United States
Dean James F. 1908 Jehovah's Witness Norman Oklahoma United States
Andresen Bent B. 1908 Methodist New York New York United States