Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort ascending
Meisinger Erwin 1922 National Church of Positive Christianity Milwaukee Wisconsin United States
Troeger Ernest R. 1913 Friend Brooklyn New York United States
Heisey Aaron F. 1917 Brethren in Christ Mennonite Spring Mills Pennsylvania United States
Copeland Julian Q 1916 Church of Christ Lake Park Georgia United States
White Charles B. 1915 Friend Roselle New York United States
Miller Otho J. 1924 Brethren Bradford Ohio United States
Reschly Harold A. 1915 Methodist Olds Iowa United States
Piepenburg Roy L. 1926 Friend Madison Wisconsin United States
Farson Allan P. 1919 United Fundamentalist Glendale California United States
Scott Walter R. 1919 Episcopal West Chester Pennsylvania United States
Stabler Arthur P. 1919 Friend Waterford Virginia United States
Danovich Francis E. 1920 Catholic Detroit Michigan United States
Alders William 1908 None New York New York United States
Wiens Jacob R. 1917 Mennonite General Conference Inman Kansas United States
Rideout Earl G. 1913 Twentieth Century Bible School Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Blocher Paul E. 1919 Dunkard Brethren Waterford California United States
Lautzenheiser Herman D. 1921 Methodist Dalton Ohio United States
Firestone Ray 1924 Methodist Wichita Kansas United States
Sawtelle Granville H. 1921 None Galena Kansas United States
Shank Chester R. 1919 Mennonite Old Chambersburg Pennsylvania United States
Krup John P. 1905 Catholic Los Angeles California United States
Stauffer Nelson R. 1904 Mennonite Goshen Indiana United States
Decker Walter R. 1916 Mennonite Galva Kansas United States
Anderson Tobe 1915 Mennonite Old Nappanee Indiana United States
Campbell John H. 1919 Friend Fairhope Alabama United States
McDavitt Orville W. 1909 Jehovah's Witness Hollywood California United States
Tipton G. Robert 1917 Friend Watkins Glen New York United States
Hatch Richard L. 1918 Presbyterian New York New York United States
Boland Hubert 1922 Methodist Springfield South Carolina United States
Lehman Arthur 1919 Mennonite Richland Pennsylvania United States
Colcord Frederick M. 1919 Evangelical Richmond Hill New York United States
Miller Keith 1926 Mennonite Falfurrias Texas United States
Persons Marvin L. 1916 Congregational Christian Pomona California United States
Schmidt Andrew E. 1919 Mennonite Evangelical Brethren Lustre Montana United States
Landis Allen K. 1921 Mennonite Souderton Pennsylvania United States
Cates Benjamin H. 1920 Friend East Vassalboro Maine United States
Mellinger Paul D. 1916 Mennonite Old Colorado Springs Colorado United States
Trout James S. P. 1907 Baptist Frederick Maryland United States
Heisey James Wilmer 1923 Brethren in Christ Mennonite Mt Joy Pennsylvania United States
Copp Ernest E. 1923 Brethren Kokomo Indiana United States
White Exum N. 1924 Friend Franklin Virginia United States
Miller Paul Jay 1921 Mennonite Millersburg Ohio United States
Ressler Earl J. 1920 Mennonite Embarrass Minnesota United States
Piersol Charles W. 1920 Methodist Lancaster Pennsylvania United States
Fasnacht Roger E. 1916 Brethren Evansville Indiana United States
Scroggins Cleo L. 1919 Jehovah's Witness Nampa Idaho United States
Stacy Carl V. 1919 Church of God Albany Oregon United States
Darnell Emerson L. 1919 Friend Medford New Jersey United States
Alexander Byron Eugene 1920 Church of God of Abrahamic Faith Hartford City Indiana United States
Wiens Paul F. 1926 Mennonite Evangelical Brethren Dallas Oregon United States