Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort descending
Renno John S. 1909 Mennonite Old Order Bird-in-Hand Pennsylvania United States
Shank Paul Y. 1920 Disciples of Christ Wooster Ohio United States
Norris* Earl W. 1911 Jehovah's Witness Gillespie Illinois United States
Copeland Van T. 1918 Christadelphian Sweetwater Texas United States
Stevenson John A. 1918 Presbyterian Arcadia California United States
Glick William H. 1912 Wesleyan Methodist Middlefield Ohio United States
Feltis Lester 1921 Mennonite Orrville Ohio United States
Davies William J. 1914 Presbyterian Oakland California United States
Shetter Eber H 1905 Mennonite Chambersburg Pennsylvania United States
Miller Ivan C. 1915 Mennonite Old Hollsopple Pennsylvania United States
Leinbach Maurice E. 1918 Mennonite Old Goshen Indiana United States
Mulloy Charles R. 1919 Friend Haddonfield New Jersey United States
Ricks James H. 1916 Friend Richmond Virginia United States
Tilton Amos 1918 Church of God Raymondville Missouri United States
Manchester John 1917 None Westport Connecticut United States
Stowe Elwayne C. 1924 None Birchwood Wisconsin United States
Fisher Wallace D. 1922 Mennonite Old Kalona Iowa United States
Delaney Marcus F. 1901 Pentecostal Washington District Of Columbia United States
Showalter John P. 1927 Mennonite Broadway Virginia United States
Miller Melvin I. 1921 Mennonite Old Goshen Indiana United States
Kissell Richard M. 1921 Mennonite Old Davidsville Pennsylvania United States
Pressnall Milton 1921 Friend Portland Oregon United States
Liljengren Philip E. 1911 Evangelical Mission Covenant Chicago Illinois United States
Warkentin Benjamin F. 1923 Mennonite Brethren Shafter Ohio United States
Nafziger Delmar J. 1918 Mennonite Old Hopedale Illinois United States
Cravey Kaiser 1918 Holiness Baptist Jacksonville Georgia United States
Boehs Sam 1927 Mennonite Fairview Oklahoma United States
Trimble Ernest P. 1917 Church of Christ Carters Creek Tennessee United States
Seburn Alfred T. 1926 Brethren Hancock Maryland United States
Martin Homer C. 1908 Mennonite Old Columbiana Ohio United States
Nicholson John Edgar 1923 Friend Silver Springs, Maryland United States
Cole Kenneth E. 1916 Baptist Santa Paula California United States
Ragland James G. 1920 Methodist Detroit Michigan United States
Gilbert John W. 1914 Brethren Staunton Virginia United States
Weaver Harry A. 1920 Mennonite Amish Apple Creek Ohio United States
Custer Charles S. 1907 Brethren Hillsboro Ohio United States
Borkholder Enos S. 1903 Mennonite Old Order Amish Bremen Indiana United States
Repp Willis E. 1911 Friend Portland Oregon United States
Shank William S. 1926 None Elizabeth New Jersey United States
Northway Richard W. 1920 Methodist Knightsville Indiana United States
Copping William P. 1910 People's Christian Church Scotia New York United States
Stevenson* William C. 1921 Methodist/Congregational Eagle Rock California United States
Goan Rufus B. 1918 Methodist Bulls Gap Tennessee United States
Fenton Cassius Marvin 1915 Methodist Toledo Ohio United States
Davis Charles 1919 Presbyterian Anaheim California United States
Shidler Roy 1919 Brethren Elkhart Indiana United States
Miller Jacob E. 1919 Mennonite Amish AppleCreek Ohio United States
Leland John 1913 Dutch Reformed West Chester Pennsylvania United States
Mumaw Lowell E. 1924 Mennonite Goshen Indiana United States
Riddles James A. 1917 Methodist National City California United States