Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort descending
Knicely Irvin D. 1913 Mennonite Dayton Virginia United States
Mason Floyd R. 1919 Brethren Salem Virginia United States
Ashby Paul 1909 Methodist Los Angeles California United States
Feagins Carroll Spurgeon 1917 Southern Baptist Durham North Carolina United States
Siemens John C. 1917 Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde Meade Kansas United States
Boley Gerald D. 1926 Jehovah's Witness Smithers West Virginia United States
Taylor Sherman A. 1919 Missionary Church Association Pettisville Ohio United States
Richert Irvin E. 1918 Mennonite General Conference Los Angeles California United States
Kohr George M. 1920 Mennonite Brethren in Christ York Pennsylvania United States
Dauberman Frederick E. 1922 Seventh Day Adventist Union New Jersey United States
Maxey Aaron B. 1915 Free Will Baptist Camp Erie West Virginia United States
Baker Donald E 1918 Methodist Los Angeles California United States
Fisher John M. 1923 None Covington Ohio United States
Yoder Joseph 1919 Mennonite Old Livingston California United States
Smith Arnold R. 1926 Mennonite Church of God in Christ DeRidder Louisiana United States
Chance Norman 1928 Friend Lansdowne Pennsylvania United States
Brown John A. 1918 Plymouth Brethren Duluth Minnesota United States
Thomas Raymond J. 1919 Mennonite Conservative Amish Goshen Indiana United States
Morgan George E. 1919 Congregational Christian Dunstable Massachusetts United States
Houger Beryl W. 1914 Nazarene Spokane Washington United States
Lemmons Jacob E. 1906 Presbyterian Lawrence Kansas United States
Pfitzinger George M. 1915 Brethren Marilla New York United States
Wilson Finis W. 1926 Methodist Cecilia Kentucky United States
Deibler Mark T. 1914 Lutheran Willow Grove Pennsylvania United States
Spradling Earl H. 1926 Brethren Christiansburg Virginia United States
Yoder Truman F. 1912 Mennonite Conservative Amish Middlebury Indiana United States
Claassen Willard 1911 Mennonite General Conference Beatrice Nebraska United States
Brush John 1919 Baptist ? United States
Moyers Laurence R. 1918 Nazarene Akron Ohio United States
Hume Paul C. 1915 Presbyterian Washington District Of Columbia United States
Bloomstein Charles 1913 None Brooklyn New York United States
Lindberg Walter W. 1915 Jehovah's Witness Worcester Massachusetts United States
Rempel Harvey J. 1924 Mennonite Brethren Corn Oklahoma United States
Stanton William M. 1919 Friend Woodbury New Jersey United States
Knight Kenneth 1922 None Denver Colorado United States
Mason John M. 1922 Brethren Norborne Missouri United States
Athains George W. 1914 Methodist Harvard Illinois United States
Feggans William A. 1919 Pentecostal Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Siemons Lawrence H. 1918 Lutheran Danforth Illinois United States
Bollinger John C. 1918 Brethren New Paris Indiana United States
Taylor Walter 1919 Congregational Christian New York New York United States
Wilcken Walter F. 1915 Lutheran Brooklyn New York United States
Richmond James K. 1920 Methodist Atlanta Georgia United States
Kolb Merle R 1920 Mennonite Springs Pennsylvania United States
Davidhizar George K. 1918 Mennonite Old Goshen Indiana United States
Mayer Frederick K. 1916 Episcopal Manchester New Hampshire United States
Baker John H. 1917 Brethren Mt.Pleasant Pennsylvania United States
Fisher Owen E. 1919 Brethren Peru Indiana United States
Yoder Karl W. 1917 Mennonite Kent Ohio United States
Smith David W. 1919 Methodist Syracuse New York United States