Workers with Notes

Total number of workers found: 832

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination Citysort ascending State Country
Smiley* Glenn E. Unknown
Hurt* Harold Unknown
Vashek* John E. Unknown
Johnson Paul B. Friend
Buchman Ivan Roy* Unknown
Whitson* Holman
Klaasen* Arnold D.
Martin* J. Paul Unknown
Holdeman Floyd* Unknown
Grater Edgar Unknown
Zetty* Edward Unknown
Roodenko Igal 1917 Unknown
Myers* Leon K. Unknown
Nachtigal* Orlie Unknown
Sanders Edwin Allen 1915 Friend
Wilson* Francis Ridding Unknown
Held Wilbur* Unknown
Hodgson Marshall* Unknown
Blosser David*
Decker* Joseph D. Unknown
Tochim* Daniel Unknown
Bontrager* Moses B.
Marsh* John Howard Unknown
Schultz* Wendell Norris
Miller* Alvin J. Unknown
Guiser* Ivan Unknown
Harvey* William Marion Unknown
Wood* William
Paul* Milford
Schmidt* Menno A.
Hershman Clarence O* Unknown
Schroeder* Conrad H. 1920 Lutheran