CPS Worker 009069 - Schrag, Edwin J.

CPS Worker 009069 - Schrag, Edwin J.

Birth year: 1919

Denomination: Mennonite General Conference

Original occupation: Farmer

Occupation after CPS: Farmer

Drafted from: Moundridge , Kansas, United States

Entered CPS: 8 28, 1941

Left CPS: 12 11, 1945


Schrag described his experience at Denison, his first CPS assignment, as follows:

The man who was running the CPS camp was looking for someone to manage the books.  Since I had taken a bookkeeping class in high school, I became the bookkeeper.  I was one of few boys there with much education.  There were Amish and Old Mennonites who had very little schooling.  . . . It was while I was in Denison that the December 7 bombing of Pearl Harbor occurred.  Morale got really low at that time because we knew then that we were in for the duration of the war. (The Eden Peace Witness: A Collection of Personal Accounts pp. 134-135)


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