CPS Worker 009065 - Schrag, Clarence

CPS Worker 009065 - Schrag, Clarence

Birth year: 1911

Denomination: Mennonite General Conference

Original occupation: Clerk

Drafted from: McPherson , Kansas, United States

Entered CPS: 5 11, 1943

Left CPS: 5 23, 1946


Relationship with Soldiers and the Public

The following excerpts were written by Charlene Schrag Epp who is the daughter of Clarence Schrag:

“…my dad was working for Shell Oil Company. Dad’s co-workers at Shell were very military minded so Dad’s peace position and his decision to go into CPS met with great disgust.”

“Shell Oil Company would not rehire my father after the war because he had not participated in military action.”

From The Eden Peace Witness: A Collection of Personal Accounts. Ed. Jeffery W. Koller. Kansas: Jebeko Publishing, 2004. Pp 132.