CPS Worker 006268 - Lyndaker, Arthur A.

CPS Worker 006268 - Lyndaker, Arthur A.

Birth year: 1913

Denomination: Mennonite Conservative Amish

Original occupation: Timber broker

Drafted from: Croghan , New York, United States

Entered CPS: 4 13, 1944

Left CPS: 1 8, 1945


"Arthur Lyndaker, camper at Hill City, was killed on the project, January 9. His death was accidental and occurred while operating a bulldozer. A tree which he was pushing over broke and fell on him. Arthur died enroute to the hospital. He was at home at Croghan, New York.

--MCC Bulletin"


From Dairyland Views, February 8, 1945.

Used with permission by Mennonite Central Committee.