CPS Worker 005218 - Kaufman, Virgil M.

CPS Worker 005218 - Kaufman, Virgil M.

Birth year: 1925

Denomination: Mennonite General Conference

Original occupation: Farmer

Drafted from: Moundridge , Kansas, United States

Entered CPS: 6 6, 1946


*Not shown in '47 directory


Kaufman recalled the following regarding his experience at camp #33:


. . . I stayed in Dorm C where most of the General Conference [Mennonite] draftees slept.  Other dorms housed Old Mennonites, Mennonite Brethren, Amish, Holdeman and others.  I met fellows from South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Ohio and other places . . . . 


We were a good group of draftees.  We spent our time, aside from working on our projects, playing softball, rug weaving, leather craft, Ping-Pong (even had a tournament), singing, worship services, meetings, and visiting, getting better acquainted with the guys.  Occasionally, outside speakers came in to show support. 


At one of our softball games in town, one of the spectators questioned our driver and business manager.  “What does C.P.S. stand for?”  On the spur of the moment he answered “Catcher, pitcher and shortstop.”  That satisfied him and no more questions were asked. (in Eden Peace Witness: A Collection of Personal Accounts pp. 121-124)