CPS Worker 004177 - Hensgen, Arthur

CPS Worker 004177 - Hensgen, Arthur

Birth year: 1913

Denomination: Baptist

Original occupation: Carpenter

Drafted from: Cincinnati , Ohio, United States

Entered CPS: 5 15, 1942

Left CPS: 2 11, 1946


The following is a profile of Arthur Hensgen written by Ted Neff in the Whispering Pines newsletter:


"A comparative new addition to the happy family of Camp Marietta is Arthur Hensgen of Cincinnati, O., married, and an excellent carpenter and contractor. He is a member of the Baptist church and has been active in young people's work in his local church. Since arriving in camp Art has pursued his calling faithfully, taking care of all the carpenter work on the project and in camp. "Buddy Briar" has evolved some sort of new lingo which he uses on his fellow campees; no one can understand it, but he reports that he will offer a course in six easy lessons to anyone who is foolish enough to try to learn his "Briar language." He is a member of the Religious Life Committee and has been serving ably in that capacity. Just before coming to camp he finished his own home with his two good hands, and Mrs. "Briar" resides there for the present. This fellow is short in stature but long on the personality."

For full newsletter see: Whispering Pines, July 31, 1942.

Used with permission by Mennonite Central Committee, copyright holder.

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