CPS Worker 001554 - Chapman, C. Robert

CPS Worker 001554 - Chapman, C. Robert

Birth year: 1920

Denomination: Methodist

Original occupation: Electrical engineer

Drafted from: Evanston , Illinois, United States

Entered CPS: 9 21, 1943


Chapman was rumored to be involved in an incident that happened at camp #83 on the evening of March 15, 1945. Fellow unit member Jacob Cohn reported what occurred as he and his wife took a walk around 9:30 pm that evening:


"We had arrived in front of Mr. Hudson’s house, and had begun walking towards the pump house, on the sidewalk. We noticed car lights behind us. They went off, and then on again. We had walked about ten steps when the car pulled past us. We saw about 4-6 men standing on the running board. I shouted hello, and got some reply, but Ateret and I, as soon as we saw them stopping, thought only to run. We dashed up the walk towards Dr. Israel’s house, they behind us, shouting curses. I heard one distinct sentence, 'Why are you running?' We stopped all of a sudden, and so did they. I looked around and saw about a dozen, the leader was tall and thin, and wore a red sweater. We paced on, towards Dr. Israel’s house, and they turned around."


The next day they heard the rumors that “this ‘Junior Commando’ gang, or ‘CO Hunters’ had beat up Chapman and chased the Cohns.”


--Taken from note re: Incident, March 15, 1945 by Jacob Cohn, in information compiled by Anne M. Yoder, Archivist, April 2011 from Swarthmore College Peace Collection, American Friends Service Committee: Civilian Public Service Records (DG002), Section 1: CPS Administration, Box 57d, folder “Unit #83: Activities & Education."