CPS Worker 010227 - Swartley, George Merrill

CPS Worker 010227 - Swartley, George Merrill

Birth year: 1919

Denomination: Mennonite Old

Education: BS Goshen; MS Indiana Univ. Music

Original occupation: Inspector

Occupation after CPS: HS music teacher

Drafted from: Souderton , Pennsylvania, United States

Entered CPS: 8 12, 1941

Left CPS: 11 20, 1945


Swartley recalled the following regarding his experience at camp #85:


"Selective Service had honored our request that the Grottoes quartet be allowed to transfer intact to Howard and we continued with our singing activities, in camp services and each week on a local radio station program.  A few of us sang in the choir of the oldest Congregational Church in nearby Providence.  I also attended the evening classes at Providence Bible Institute." 


--Taken from Peace Committee and Seniors for Peace Coordinating Committee of the College Mennonite Church of Goshen, Indiana, “Detour . . . Main Highway”: Our CPS Stories. Nappanee, IN: Evangel Press, 1995, 2000. p57.