Reflections from Russell Hertzler

Reflections from Russell Hertzler

The following is an excerpt written by Russell Hertzler in "Ancestors and Descendants of Henry & Annie (Harbold) Hertzler--Memories" by Leroy and Blanche (Grosh) Hertzler. It was submitted by Evelyn E. Miller (daughter of Russell Hertzler):


"The United States Draft in 1942 changed things for me. I went into Civilian Public Service (CPS) in camp at Grottoes, VA.

The government men directed the boys in soil conservation projects, diversion ditches, etc., also forest fire fighting.

There were four boys from Slate Hill Church in CPS, some at different locations.

When they learned I was a mechanic, they sent me to the shop to repair equipment. Four to six weeks later the government shop supervisor died and I had to take over.

We had 3 sets of trucks; G.M.C., International, Reo's, and an old pickup.

About 14 of us were sent to Alabama for better trucks to use. Mattresses were sent ahead on a train for us to use for sleeping on the way back. We brought 12 or 14 trucks back and when we stopped the government men went to hotels to eat and sleep. We crawled back on the mattresses on the trucks to sleep or we put them on the ground. We had to get our own things to eat."