Reflections from Paul Sauder

Reflections from Paul Sauder

The following are reflections from Paul Sauder regarding his CO status:


"The doctors there [at the physical examination] didn’t seem to know very much about IV-E classified men”

“Public relations would be better if the public would understand the whole program of C.P.S. better. From many of the questions asked me I found the general public's knowledge is very limited concerning the conscientious objectors' viewpoints.”


After discharge:

“Again many thoughts occupied my mind…How will the local town people accept me? Will I be called a C.O. every place I go? What will the neighbor women whose husbands are in the Army think of me?”

“However, nothing serious happened and many of my former friends and business associates greeted me with a ‘welcome home’”


--Taken from Rohrer, Peter Lester and Mary E. The Story of the Lancaster County Conference Mennonites in Civilian Public Service With Directory. Pp 74-6. 1946.