Reflection from Luke Birky

Reflection from Luke Birky

The following is a reflection from Luke Birky regarding his CPS experience:


“War fever was at a high pitch so we met some hostility from people in the outside community. We were viewed as cowards and ‘yellow bellies’ or worse.”

“Working with us were several ranchers who were curious about us and also no doubt dubious about conscientious objectors. After working together for several days the ranchers took our government supervisor aside and asked if we were CO’s. He said that we were. The ranchers then observed that they did not understand; we did not seem to object to anything”

“Another camper and I…met a lady who inquired about our identity. I replied that we were COs. She responded with an enthusiastic 'You are?' as though she was proud of us. Only later I realized she took the term to be 'Commanding Officers'”


--Taken from "Detour...Main Highway": Our CPS Stories. Goshen, IN: College Mennonite Church, 1995. p6-8.