Profile of Charles Wolf

Profile of Charles Wolf

The following is a profile of Charles Wolf which appeared in the Whispering Pines newsletter of CPS Camp 8:


"One of the recognized leaders among the assignees of Camp Marietta is Charles Wolf of Clairton, Pa. Although Charlie has been in camp less than four months he has achieved a fine [degree] of leadership in camp activities, especially religious. At the present time he is group leader of the project group that is landscaping the director's cottage and a fine job is being done.

Charlie is one of the older boys in camp and is a member of the Methodist church. His occupation before coming to camp was a stationary engineer. He also operated an independent coal company which was very successful. This is evidenced by the arduous hours he has spent on his income tax returns since coming to camp.

Another of the interesting sidelights of this fine fellow is the fact that he was assistant superintendent of a rescue mission located in the poorer section of Pittsburg, Pa. This constructive piece of Christian work was developed and carried on by Charlie and a friend of his, who is carrying on the work in the absence of Charlie. This rescue mission work started from a humble beginning, but now it is quite an institution in the city of Pittsburg. The mission had moved from location to location, but each move brought an extension of help and activities. Beds and free meals are provided for destitute men but it is by no means an ordinary 'Flophouse.' Definite Christian work is carried on by regular preaching and prayer services, and individual work with those who seek the shelter of the mission. Charlie states that the mission has ministered help both physical and spiritual to thousands of the destitute men of Pittsburg. It is evident that Charlie has given definite expression to his Christian principles which adds to the respect of his fellow campees.

And what would Camp Marietta be without the hearty and mellow laugh of this fellow? A bubbling personality is one of his greatest attributes. We cannot forget either that when he sleeps he really sleeps, and to call the noise that eminates therefrom a 'snore' is too, too polite.

To a real Christian, a hard worker, a good thinker, a sincere C.O., and an all-around good fellow, we pay tribute---Charlie Wolf."


For full newsletter see: Whispering Pines, June 2, 1942.

Used with permission from Mennonite Central Committee, copyright holder.