Profile of Charles Martin

Profile of Charles Martin

The following is a profile of Charles L. Martin in The Olive Branch newsletter at CPS Camp 4:


"Doctor Martin, alias Charles Lewis Martin of Intercourse, Pa.

It was upon the release from camp of our friend Martin Henninger that Dr. Martin received his appointment to the camp hospital. Coming to this position without any previous experience, but endowed with great personal qualifications, his has been a successful career. Diseases which he has successfully nursed to recovery vary from the common cold to a grippe, from briar scratches to appendicitis, and from "Ditch fever" to kidney colic.

For the cold Dr. Martins' treatment has become of special renown. It consists (with variations) of an atomizer, a throat swab, a cathartic, a counter stimulant and from one to four kinds of pills to be taken at regular intervals. In from 3 to 9 hours patients no longer complain of the cold.

In the face of so great achievement we are sorry that Dr. Martin feels he has missed his calling. To us his services are indespensible."


For full newsletter see: The Olive Branch, February 14, 1942.

Used with permission by Mennonite Central Committee, copyright holder.