"Observations and Impressions"

"Observations and Impressions"

Excerpts from "Observations and Impressions" by the members of camp #93.

Samuel Yoder: “Working with the mentally ill may perhaps seem, to some people, just another ‘duty job.’ But we should realize that they too are human beings and have within them a never-dying soul for which Christ died, and that they are somebody’s brother, sister, father or mother. This helps us to count it a privilege to learn more about them and to be able to help make life for them a little more pleasant, and thus help some to arrive at the place where they may again enjoy the blessings of fellowship with friends and loved ones.”

Oscar Zook: “Since working in a mental institution, I feel an obligation to the community when I return home after the war. Since learning the various causes which place people in these institutions, I feel it my duty to help correct these conditions. I see the need of a higher standard for well-balanced, moral and Christian living. I feel we should provide similar institutions for our own people.”

Eugene Hershberger: “In the first place it is necessary to inform the public which seemingly has very little knowledge concerning the work of such an institution. This can be done by discussing the subject of the mental institution in daily conversation with those we meet and by giving addresses at public meetings where the need my arise. We who have worked in mental institutions have first-hand information of what is being done for the mentally ill and are ready to advise the public.”


--Taken from Anniversary Review, a publication of camp #93. May 1945. p54-55. In "'Anniversary Review,' 1944," folder 14/99, series IX-13-1. MCC Records Collection, Akron, PA.