Letter from David Anderson

Letter from David Anderson

Excerpts from a letter written by David Anderson while serving at camp #79. Dated April 10, 1944:

“C.P.S. camps have few conversions, perhaps they are not needed since we are all Christians; but I ask the question, ‘What kind of Christians are we?’ Just as war makes men hard, bitter and savage (with few exceptions) likewise C.P.S. brings to the surface that inner life and convictions of campers. It matters little as to the type or amount of rules and laws that are given as a guide for us; neither how many times we attend Sunday School, church and Prayer Meetings to presumably be religious or to retain our denominational heritage—the important issues are the convictions instituted in our lives and on what principles they are based.”

“…Recently an authentic report as this occurred. The Work Superintendent in hiring a new employee remarked that he was to work under supervision of C.O.’s but he should not use their methods or practices since they were the rough and violent type. We all have failures and make mistakes, but when our failures and mistakes become so numerous that they form a policy, then it becomes a serious situation, a challenge of Christ’s teaching that should not be overlooked.”

“…To me the testimony of C.P.S. is only that we object to war and are willing to do constructive work rather than destructive work in times of war. If and when our peace testimony begins it must be based on convictions of principles as taught by Our Lord and Master. Should not these convictions be a part of our conscientious objection? Our non-resistant heritage will have its non or none effect unless we unite into a little positive action.”


--Taken from "Miscellaneous Corr., 1944," folder 16, series IX-6-3. MCC Records Collection, Akron, PA.