Interview with Charles Davis

Interview with Charles Davis

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Charles E. Davis:

"Did you all go into town very often and what was your reaction with the town folk?

We had no way, really, except to walk into town. I probably went in maybe three or four times, something like that, in a year and a half. Urban legend, Waldport legend was that the Shore Patrol would let you walk back from Waldport and pick you up just before you got to camp and take you back into Waldport for questioning.

For questioning?

Yeah, you know, you’re a civilian, you’re out on the coast, this is a blackout area and this would obviously be at night and, “What are you doing out here?” This kind of thing, and then let you walk back from Waldport to the camp again.

But they knew that you were from the camp.

Oh sure.

So you felt that there was some discrimination.

Oh yeah. I think that was quite widespread felt."


--Taken from Siuslaw National Forest and Portland State University History Department. "Camp 56: An Oral History Project." Pp 28-32.

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