CPS Unit Number 097-32

CPS Unit Number 097-32

Camp: 97

Unit ID: 32

Operating agency: MCC

Opened: 5 1943

Closed: 10 1946



CPS Unit No. 97, subunit 32, located in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, was operated by Mennonite Central Committee.

Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, United States
The people:

A unit of twenty assignees operated in the county. 

One hundred and thirty-five men and their families and friends attended an all-state meeting December 9, 1945 in Waupun, Wisconsin that included a potluck meal and program. 

L. J. Seal, farm labor assistant in Fond du Lac County reported,

We found one farmer objecting to his man.  Investigation showed that the farmer only hired him for the summer to get cheap labor.  This man was transferred to a year round job. (in Gingerich p. 197)

Most of the farmers felt that the $15 per month allowance to the conscientious objector was not enough. (Gingerich p. 198)

We could have used 50 of these men in Fond du Lac County instead of the 20 that we had.  Farmers were continually asking for these men after they saw how hard they worked on neighboring farms. The farmer would not pay as much for these men as he would for local labor. (in Gingerich p. 197-198)