CPS Unit Number 097-17

CPS Unit Number 097-17

Camp: 97

Unit ID: 17

Operating agency: BSC

Opened: 5 1943

Closed: 10 1946



CPS Unit No. 97, subunit 17, located in Orange County, New York, was operated by the Brethren Service Committee.

Orange County, New York, United States
The people:

Levi Ziegler supervised the area.

Men put forth extra effort on Sundays in order to go to church, unless the employer’s family was not interested in church.  Brodie Crouch reported to his former camp men at CPS Camp No. 29 in Lyndhurst, Virginia on his work. 

. . .we have just finished getting in over eighty big loads of hay, and are in the midst of threshing nearly forty acres of oats. . ..  When the weather permits I usually go to the Christian church at Monroe, four miles distant, each Sunday night.  It is the friendliest place I’ve attended.  (Line-O-Type,  [September 10, 1943] in Eisan p. 244; Robinson pp. 197-198.)

In an earlier issue of Line-O-Type, another man placed in New York wrote, “The owner of the farm is no farmer, but we are trying to get things done.  By the way, he is a returned Army Major.  He told me the other day what he thought about the C.O.  It wasn’t bad at all”.  (Blough from NY, Line-O-Type, [July 29, 1943] in Eisan p. 245)