CPS Unit Number 034-02

CPS Unit Number 034-02

Camp: 34

Unit ID: 2

Title: Detached Service

Operating agency: NSBRO

Opened: unknown

Closed: unknown


CPS Camp No. 34, Detached Service, also carried on its roster those men who engaged in detached service with the National Service Board of Religious Objectors, the American Friends Service Committee, the Brethren Service Committee, Mennonite Central Committee and a few other agencies working on special CPS projects, tasks, or on relief efforts. This website has created subunits [2] through [6] of CPS Camp No. 34 identified by the type of work done, with which agencies or projects, and in some cases where that work occurred.


More than fifty men performed administrative work with the National Service Board of Religious Objectors (NSBRO) including work on demobilization and discharge processing, and work for the National Committee of NSBRO. Most men served at offices in Washington, D.C., but a few worked in New York City and Chicago. Two men worked with the Methodist Commission on World Peace, one man on an unspecified CPS project and another on the cattle boat project.