CPS Unit Number 140-04

CPS Unit Number 140-04

Camp: 140

Unit ID: 4

Title: Metropolitan Hospital

Operating agency: AFSC

Opened: 2 1945

Closed: 10 1946


CPS Unit No. 140, subunit 4, located at the Metropolitan Hospital on Welfare Island, New York, subjected COs to experiments on life raft rations.


Dr. Charles G. King directed this OSG project on life raft rations sponsored by the Nutrition Foundation in Welfare Island, New York.  The experiment ran from October through December in 1946 and was designed to work with up to fifty men.  Men were isolated in one building and followed an exact diet.  They could not drink water.  Their average weight loss was twenty pounds. 


This project may have had its origins in the OSRD project dealing with the same questions at CPS Unit No. 115, subunit 4. 

Welfare Island, New York, United States