CPS Unit Number 115-35

CPS Unit Number 115-35

Camp: 115

Unit ID: 35

Operating agency: OSRD

Opened: 10 1943

Closed: 10 1946



CPS Unit No. 115, subunit [35], utilized fifty men at CPS Camp No. 7 in Magnolia, Arkansas, for a nutrition experiment testing whether dehydrated grass tips could serve as a substitute for fruits and vegetables.


Dr. Charles F. Schnabel directed this OSRD nutrition project sponsored by Cerophyl Laboratories in Kansas City, Missouri.   The design used fifty men located at CPS Camp No. 7 in Magnolia, Arkansas.  The men ate dehydrated grass tips for three months to test it as a possible relief substitute for fruits and vegetables.  The results indicated it would not serve as a substitute.  The Brethren Service Committee provided agency oversight to the project.  (Keim p. 79, Sibley and Jacob p. 147)

Magnolia, Arkansas, United States