CPS Unit Number 115-21

CPS Unit Number 115-21

Camp: 115

Unit ID: 21

Title: Strong Memorial Hospital/University of Rochester

Operating agency: OSRD

Opened: 10 1943

Closed: 10 1946


CPS Unit No. 115, subunit 21, located at Strong Memorial Hospital/University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, subjected CPS men to experiments studying physiology.


Sponsored by the University of Rochester at Strong Memorial Hospital, this OSRD experiment focused on various aspects of nutrition.  Dr. Wallace O. Fenn directed one phase of the project and  Dr. John E. Murlin a second.  Both looked at nutrition.  The second examined specific dynamic effects of food, particularly the biological value of proteins in human subjects, working with five to nineteen men at a time.  The AFSC held oversight of this experiment which ran from May 1944 to July 1945 (?).


In another phase, Dr. Edward F. Adolph directed an experiment utilizing one to six men at a time examining physiological effects of water metabolism under desert conditions. 

Rochester, New York, United States