CPS Unit Number 115-20

CPS Unit Number 115-20

Camp: 115

Unit ID: 20

Title: Ohio State University

Operating agency: OSRD

Opened: 10 1943

Closed: 10 1946



CPS Unit No. 115, subunit 20, located at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, subjected CPS men to experiments studying physiological reactions to rapid change in barometric pressure.


Dr. Fred A Hitchcock, and Frank Hartman for part of this OSRD experiment, directed a study of physiological changes when men were faced with very rapid changes of barometric pressure (explosive decompression).  Sponsored by Ohio State University, the experiment worked with two to four men at a time for approximately a year beginning in mid 1945.  Two of the men, Amos Brokaw and Donald Rages, asked to be transferred because they felt the experiments were too closely tied with military effort.

Columbus, Ohio, United States