CPS Unit Number 100-06

CPS Unit Number 100-06

Camp: 100

Unit ID: 6

Operating agency: MCC

Opened: 5 1943

Closed: 10 1946


CPS Unit 100, subunit 6, located in Maine, was operated by Mennonite Central Committee.


Mennonite Central Committee appointed Francis Smucker to oversee the dairy testers in Maine.  He worked from Orono and remained in contact with seventeen testers scattered throughout the state. The men seldom met as a group, but on August 12, 1945, they gathered to hear Newton Weber preach.  Roy Brubaker succeeded Smucker on September 15, 1945.


One man in the unit conducted artificial insemination throughout his service.  By 1944, 125 breeding cooperatives existed across the country and collectively bred nearly a quarter million cows. (Gingerich p. 206-207) CPS men worked as technicians and inseminators managing the bulls.  They washed and disinfected equipment as well as took and distributed the semen. 


Unit men, working with the Orono Agriculture Extension CPS Unit No. 125 men, contributed to Maine “News and Views” from June through September 1945. The unit also published Dairy Tester’s Letter with the October 30, 1945 unnumbered issue in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.


As demobilization began the farmers expressed reluctance to lose unit men as they had provided good service.

Maine, United States