CPS Unit Number 100-05

CPS Unit Number 100-05

Camp: 100

Unit ID: 5

Operating agency: MCC

Opened: 5 1943

Closed: 10 1946



CPS unit 100, subunit 5, located in Iowa, was operated by Mennonite Central Committee.


Lester Gerig from CPS Camp No. 18 in Denison, Iowa, served as area supervisor.  The men trained at Iowa State College of Agriculture with Arthur Porter.  Fourteen men served in Iowa.  When Gerig visited, he contacted farmers, county officials and each man in the unit.  In his visits he learned the extent to which men attended church services regularly. 


During his September 29-30, 1945 visit, he met with all but one of the men, and assessed them as happy in their work, giving satisfactory service, and maintaining “a high level of Christian living”.  He also learned that five of the CPS testers ranked among the top ten in the state.  (Cedar Rapids Gazette reported the rankings, and Gerig shared the news in a letter to William Snyder of MCC, reported in Gingerich p. 206)

Iowa, United States