CPS Unit Number 100-03

CPS Unit Number 100-03

Camp: 100

Unit ID: 3

Operating agency: AFSC

Opened: 5 1943

Closed: 10 1946



CPS Unit 100, subunit 3, located in Georgia, was operated by the American Friends Service Committee.


Men recruited into dairy farm work and dairy herd testing associations tended to enter CPS from rural areas, more characteristic of men in Mennonite and Brethren camps.  While the majority of men in Friends camps and units reported urban experience upon entry into CPS, a sufficient number of COs expressed interest and possessed the skills necessary for service as dairy herd testers, and were recruited into the Friends units. 


While the states called on Selective Service for more assistance from COs in agricultural work, CPS was called upon to meet the high demand for service in mental hospital and training school units, a kind of service the men had sought almost from the beginning of the program.

Georgia, United States