70th Anniversary Celebration

70th Anniversary Celebration

May 15, 2011 marked the 70th anniversary of the opening of the first Civilian Public Service camp at Patapsco State Park near Baltimore, MD. To celebrate the occasion, members of the historic peace churches, staff from the Center on Conscience & War, along with historians and Civilian Public Service almuni gathered for a time of reflection and story telling. The podcasts below are edited remarks from the event.


Rosalind Andreas: Wife of CPS alumnus, Carl Andreas, and volunteer extraordinaire in the development of content for the Civilian Public Service website and co-editor.


Edward Orser:  Retired Professor of American Studies at University of Maryland Baltimore County


Howard Cell:  American Friends Service Committee, Baltimore Program Office


Carl Andreas: Civilian Public Service Alumnus, Camp 5 (Colorado Springs, CO) and Camp 141 (Gulfport, MI)


John A. Lapp: Former Director of Mennonite Central Committee who visited many of the CPS camps as a young man while traveling with his father, a Mennonite pastor.


Jeffrey Kovac, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Tennessee and author of Refusing War, Affirming Peace: A History of Civilian Public Service Camp #21 at Cascade Locks. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University Press, 2009.


Titus Peachey: Director of Peace Education, Mennonite Central Committee and CPS website co-editor.


Bill Galvin:  Staff, Center on Conscience & War