Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort descending
Kramme Vernon W. 1924 Evangelical & Reformed Oremann Missouri United States
Thorne Eugene A. 1922 Methodist Albuquerque New Mexico United States
Beachy Roman S. 1923 Mennonite Old Order Amish Sugarcreek Ohio United States
Blosser Amos L. 1919 Mennonite English Iowa United States
Willhoite John W. 1916 Methodist Elwood Indiana United States
Mierau Daniel A. 1914 Mennonite General Conference Henderson Nebraska United States
Muska John 1925 None New York New York United States
Peters Henry W. 1915 Mennonite General Conference Wichita Kansas United States
Robinson William H. Baptist Rochester New York United States
Seiler William E. 1926 Mennonite Church of God in Christ Carson City Michigan United States
Stanley Woodrow L. 1913 Friend Fillmore Indiana United States
Torkelson Norman E. 1925 Mennonite Conway Kansas United States
Doxford William B. 1907 Unknown Tarzana California United States
Forrer David D. 1914 Mennonite Old Orrville Ohio United States
Graber Mahlon 1916 Mennonite Old Order Amish Loogootee Indiana United States
Buonacasa Frank 1913 Catholic Brooklyn New York United States
Beiler Alvin R. 1926 Mennonite Old Portsmouth Virginia United States
Bollinger Joseph H. 1924 Mennonite Old Chambersburg Pennsylvania United States
Winter Wilbert M. 1920 None Braddock Pennsylvania United States
Arney Melvin E. 1902 Friend Iowa City Iowa United States
Hill Carlyle H. 1922 Friend Merchantville New Jersey United States
Johnson Arthur V. 1923 Mennonite General Conference Meno Oklahoma United States
Koehn Menno 1921 Mennonite Church of God in Christ Halstead Kansas United States
Lornell Wallace M. 1921 Lutheran Minneapolis Minnesota United States
Miller Dan J. 1921 Mennonite Old Order Amish Lumberton Mississippi United States
Nebel Dale A. 1916 Mennonite General Conference Washington Iowa United States
Plank Robert L. 1919 Mennonite Old W. Liberty Ohio United States
Ross Marvie M 1923 Church of Christ Glendale Arizona United States
Shaw Eugene 1922 Unitarian New York New York United States
Dyerson Victor H. 1920 Jehovah's Witness Kansas City Kansas United States
Frazee Earl G. 1914 Brethren Terra Alta West Virginia United States
Grieser Orland R 1911 Mennonite Old Wauseon Ohio United States
Butler Harold E. 1919 Christadelphian Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Bailey Oscar W. 1925 Friend Bridgeport Ohio United States
Hofer Jacob E. 1918 Mennonite General Conference Hitchcock South Dakota United States
Johnston Edward A. 1921 Methodist Baltimore Maryland United States
Kraus Harry L. 1925 Mennonite Old Denbegh Virginia United States
Spradley Joseph B. 1920 Church of Christ Houston Texas United States
Thornton Leonard L. 1917 Jehovah's Witness Glasgow Valley Montana United States
Beachy Vernon M. 1920 Mennonite Hutchinson Kansas United States
Blosser Glenn H. 1918 Mennonite Old Crimora Virginia United States
Williams Clyde R. 1917 Mennonite Wauseon Ohio United States
Lipinski Robert 1917 Baptist Rochester New York United States
Migliorino Nicholas S. 1920 None Peterson New Jersey United States
Musselman John H. 1915 Mennonite Quakertown Pennsylvania United States
Peters Leonard O. 1919 Mennonite General Conference Henderson Nebraska United States
Roby Albert Theodore 1918 Brethren Cumberland Maryland United States
Selby Melvin T. 1922 Old German Baptist Modesto California United States
Stanton Orrie H. 1914 Methodist Syracuse New York United States
Torso Joseph J. 1917 None Pittsburg Pennsylvania United States