Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City Statesort descending Country
Messamer* Homer C. 1924 Brethren
Miller* Melvin T.
King* Levi Unknown
Hoskins* Lewis M. Unknown
Roodenko Igal 1917 Unknown
Lazenby* Chandler Unknown
Walker* Douglas K. Unknown
Hurt* Harold Unknown
Gansinger Leonard Devin* Unknown
Wall* Gaylord Unknown
Paul* Milford
Bliss* Samuel Blake
Hodgson Marshall* Unknown
Wilson* Francis Ridding Unknown
Shetler Sanford Grant Mennonite
Marsh* John Howard Unknown
McNeary Harry H. 1918 Church of God
Hershman Clarence O* Unknown
Whitson* Holman
Sanders Edwin Allen 1915 Friend
New* George R. Unknown
Held Wilbur* Unknown
Frey Donald Earl* Unknown
Wood* William
Myers Loren L. Jehovah's Witness
Myers* Leon K. Unknown
Buchman Ivan Roy* Unknown
Holdeman Floyd* Unknown
Handrich John L.* Unknown
Schroeder* Conrad H. 1920 Lutheran
Vaniman* Delbert N.
Zetty* Edward Unknown
Guiser* Ivan Unknown
Hess Edward S.* Unknown
Koltner* Wayne Emory Unknown
Marburg Theodore F. 1914 Unitarian unknown United States
Brush John 1919 Baptist ? United States
Roberts Robert 1920 Friend Wilmington United States
Schroeder Eugene A. 1921 Christian Scientist Newark United States
Martin John D. 1923 Mennonite Old Order not known United States
Mack Henry 1924 Methodist Dover United States