Total number of workers found: 11935

Last Name Given Name Birth year Denomination City State Countrysort ascending
Bixler David W. 1926 Mennonite Old West Liberty Ohio United States
Arnecke Alfred 1919 First Divine Association in America Hallettsville Texas United States
Dirks Gerald M. 1919 Mennonite General Conference Livingston California United States
Layne Alvin 1904 Christadelphian Richmond Virginia United States
Masters J. Donald 1927 Brethren Relief North Carolina United States
Miller Levi E. M. 1919 Mennonite Old Order Amish Baltic Ohio United States
Nisly William H. 1918 Mennonite Conservative Amish Wellman Iowa United States
Raber Christ J. 1913 Mennonite Old Berlin Ohio United States
Vickers Elmo W. 1910 Methodist Washington District Of Columbia United States
Wilson Andrew W. 1913 Presbyterian Newport California United States
Schaefer John R. 1913 Mennonite Croghan New York United States
Sipos Julius M. 1909 Methodist Chicago Illinois United States
Stutzman Virgil 1918 Mennonite Lebanon Oregon United States
Elliott Herschel H. 1920 Congregational Christian Fairfield Connecticut United States
Holtybee Donovan H. 1917 Full Gospel Conference of the World Hayward California United States
Kauffman Atlee B. 1921 Mennonite Old Order Amish Fredricksburg Ohio United States
Bailey Frank T. Jr. 1925 Church of Christ Winston-Salem North Carolina United States
Flory Omer E. 1924 Brethren Greenville Ohio United States
Goughnour Joseph 1921 Brethren McPherson Kansas United States
Waite Richard 1922 Christadelphian Waterford Connecticut United States
Wittmer Benjamin 1914 Mennonite Amish Montgomery Indiana United States
Schmidt Frank Vernon 1918 Mennonite Haviland Kansas United States
Smith Herman J. 1918 Mennonite Church of God in Christ Ringwood Oklahoma United States
Swartzendruber Leo F. (Fred) 1925 Mennonite Old Wellman Iowa United States
Berkowitz Arthur I. 1914 None New York New York United States
Franklin Paul S. 1922 Full Gospel Conference of the World New York New York United States
Greenawalt Raymond E. 1920 Mennonite Topeka Indiana United States
Dias Manuel 1917 Jehovah's Witness Kerman California United States
Martin Lester Nolt 1918 Mennonite New Holland Pennsylvania United States
Miller Henry 1925 Mennonite New Haven Indiana United States
Newell Dwight D. 1912 Congregational Christian Uxbridge Massachusetts United States
Preheim Don J. 1926 Mennonite General Conference Marion South Dakota United States
Edwards Jeremiah P. 1907 Congregational Christian New York New York United States
Hofstetter Ward C. 1916 Mennonite Orrville Ohio United States
Jovanovich John A. 1918 Serbian Orthodox Fresno California United States
Bjornum Arthur O. 1912 None Seattle Washington United States
Arney Lewis J. 1909 None Iowa City Iowa United States
Dirks James M. 1922 Mennonite General Conference Pawnee Rock Kansas United States
Lazenlup Marian 1909 Methodist Carlisle Pennsylvania United States
Mather Richard S. 1922 None Pasadena California United States
Miller Lewis W. 1919 Unknown Enid Oklahoma United States
Nitengale Marvin 1911 Mennonite General Conference Halstead Kansas United States
Raber Joe L. 1922 Mennonite Old Order Amish Charm Ohio United States
Vietz Hugo 1920 Methodist Chicago Illinois United States
Wilson Dean Warren 1920 Friend Paton Iowa United States
Schafer Edward 1914 None Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Sitkens* Klaas F. 1906 Seventh Day Adventist Venice California United States
Styer E. Kermit 1922 Mennonite Old Souderton Pennsylvania United States
Ellis William A. 1907 Pentecostal Lufkin Texas United States
Homan Earl M. 1926 Friend San Francisco California United States